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An Alkaline Diet Reduces the Risk of Disease

The adverse effects of acid-promoting diets are many. Too much acid in the body results in a number of health problems, and increases the risk of disease for the individual substantially. Examples of disease risks associated with acidity include cancer, osteoporosis, GERD, and more. Since excess acidity essentially promotes these and other diseases in the body, it would make sense that lowering the acid levels in the body would reduce the risk of the same diseases. And this is precisely why the alkaline diet exists. An alkaline diet is simply a diet that promotes alkalinity in the body instead of acidity. In today’s modern world, consumption of acid-promoting foods is at an all time high. From fast…

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Inflammation in the body is normal to a certain degree. Short-term inflammation helps to heal wounds and fight infection. But when inflammation becomes chronic, it becomes a real problem for our health and well-being. Chronic inflammation increases a person’s risk of a number of diseases, including: Alzheimer’s diabetes heart disease stroke cancer and more… Obviously, chronic inflammation is something we want to avoid if at all possible. The thing is, it is a kind of “silent killer” because it usually goes undetected. First off, we should understand what causes chronic inflammation. The major cause of chronic inflammation is “stress” on the cellular level. This is most likely the result of things like: environmental contaminates/pollutants emotional stress poor…

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Recent AlkaVision Reviews Are Heart Touching

betty little, United States Miracle in a bottle This is for me the best medicine on the market For two years my doctor has tried to get me on blood pressure and closlestrol medicine. When I was introduced to this product in February 2014 and went for my physical in May she was amazed all my numbers was great she said whatever I am doing to keep it up. So I am a very happy also give a big boost of energy   ANGELYN CARR, United States This company is great! The have a great product as well a excellent customer service! I have used several brand of alkaline drops and the Alka Vision is by far…

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The Acid Versus Alkaline Diet

A lot of people eat foods that form acid in the body. Note that there is a difference between “acidic” foods and “acid forming” foods. They are not necessarily one and the same. What matters most is not the acidity of the food itself, but how the food is processed in the body. If we have too much acid in the body, this can cause a condition known as acidosis. Acidosis can lead to a variety of health problems. One of the most talked-about risks associated with acidosis is that of osteoporosis. What happens, in the case of acid and osteoporosis, is that minerals are taken out of the bones by the body in order to balance…

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Lose Weight and Stay Energized with These Alkaline Foods

As we’ve already discussed before, the alkaline diet can be a powerful way to lose weight and feel great. A diet high in alkaline foods can help you naturally lose weight and keep the weight off longer than many of the “fad” diets out there. Alkaline foods are foods that help to neutralize acids in the body and lower the body’s acidity. A lot of times people focus on the foods that they can’t eat when they are dieting. Why not focus on all of the good foods that you can eat? For example, with the alkaline diet you get to eat plenty of vegetables. In particular, healthy dark green vegetables are great for you. Aside from…

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Why the Alkaline Diet is Here to Stay

The thing about diets is that they seem to very frequently come and go. A lot of people ride the diet wave like a roller-coaster, hopping on whatever fad-diet comes along—often experiencing ups and downs in weight and overall health as a result. Before I go on to talk about the alkaline diet, let me say a little about these diet trends. They truly do come and go with every passing wind. Here’s an example of how these things can change: 25 years ago, the common advice was to eat less meat and more carbs. For example, if you were eating a plate of spaghetti, a dietitian might tell you to use 1/4 the sauce if you…

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Woman Expresses Gratitude For Alkaline Diet…

Below is a copy of a letter received by a Miami Holistic Health Examiner from a Brazilian woman she had told about the alkaline diet a few years back. Apparently at the time, the Brazilian woman was on her way home to care for her father who had been diagnosed with cancer. Here’s what the letter said: “How are you doing? Today I got some great news and you are definitely the first person I wanted to share it with. By December of last year, my father gave too much attention to what doctors said and definitely not much to all that I had been doing through the alkaline diet and blood cleansing regime. He pretty much…

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