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Plasma pH Drops

What are the ingredients in Plasma pH?

AlkaVision Plasma pH Drops contain: Potassium Carbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Pure Water.

What is the shelf life of the drops?

Typically the shelf life of Plasma pH Drops is about 6 months after purchase. The expiration date is on the bottle. However, if your bottle has expired and is unopened we will replace it for you for free of charge. (And, you don’t have to mail in your old bottle. Just throw it away.)

How do I keep the drops after I open them?

Plasma pH Drops do not need to be refrigerated. Simply store the closed bottle at room temperature.

What does it do to the water?

Adding just 10 drops of AlkaVision Plasma pH Drops to a quart of water raises the pH of that water to the range of 8 to 10. Drinking a high pH water has been shown to have a beneficial effect on one’s body and health.

Is there any taste when added to water?

There is absolutely no taste after you add a serving of Plasma pH Drops to your water.

How often should I use the product?

You should start out with drinking 1 quart of high pH water a day. Or you may start out with adding Plasma pH Drops to all the water you drink. We recommend that you drink at least 1 quart of alkalized water for every 40 lbs of body weight per day.

Who cannot use it?

We are not doctors, but we believe that anyone can use our drops, and that drinking high pH water can only benefit one’s health. However, you should consult with your physician before taking any supplements or if you are pregnant.

Why should I drink high pH water?

Drinking high pH water neutralizes metabolic, digestive and waste acids in your body. It hydrates you better and gives you energy while helping you lose unwanted weight.

Where can I read testimonials on this product?

Go to testimonials page.

What water do you recommend using?

We recommend using distilled water – it is the easiest water to raise the pH of. Reverse Osmosis (RO) water is great as well. Alternatively, any pure/filtered water is fine.

Can I buy this product wholesale?

Can I add drops to coffee or tea?

Some people do add Plasma pH drops to their coffee or tea to neutralize the acidity.

How many servings are in one bottle?

In each bottle there are 115 servings (1150 drops) if used correctly at 10 drops per quart of water.


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GreenShield Greens

What are the ingredients in GreenShield?

Ingredients: 100% Organic Barley Grass, Organic Lemon Grass, Organic Shave Grass, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Dog Grass, Organic Spinach, Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Spearmint Leaf, Organic Lemon Powder, Montmorillonite Clay, Organic Aloe, Organic Dandelion, Organic Parsley, Organic Wintergreens 

Why do you use clay?

AlkaVision GreenShield is the only green food blend on the market that has clay in it. Why do we use clay?

Montmorillonite clay is a non-swelling green healing clay (mica) known to have potent healing properties.

Clay molecules carry negatively charged ions. Pollutants carry positively charged ions. Clay particles do two things that work in our favor. Firstly, they attract the positively charged toxins. Secondly, they absorb these toxins literally locking them away and protecting us from them. The structure of clay is like layers of playing cards with space between them. These layers swell as they absorb pollutants and toxic substances. The greater the surface area, the greater the power to pick up positively charged particles of toxins and heavy metals.

How often should I use the product?

We suggest you use it as much as you can by putting GreenShield in every water you drink. We also recommend that you use Plasma pH Drops in the water. We also recommend that you drink at least 1 liter for every 40 lbs of weight.

Who cannot use it?

We believe that drinking a green drink can be beneficial to anyone. Please check with your doctor before using any supplements.

How many servings are there in a jar?

There are 125 scoops in each jar, recommended serving size is 1-2 scoops per liter/quart of alkaline or pure water.

Why should I drink a Green drink?

AlkaVision GreenShield is a specially formulated nutritional supplement which provides most nutritional substances largely missing from our modern diet. The ingredients are obtained from across the world, organically grown, harvested at their peak, and never heat treated. All herbs are of the highest quality and standardized. AlkaVision GreenShield is the only green drink product on the market that has clay in it.

GreenShield is a perfect blend of powerful whole food vegetables, immune boosting support herbs, and healing clay. Our powder mixes so easily with water, you’ll wonder how essential green nutrition could taste this good!

  •     Loaded with the major Green SuperFoods: Cereal Grasses, Green leafy vegetables and Clay
  •     More whole-leaf greens per serving than any other Greens
  •     High Alkalinity helps neutralize acid in your blood and maintains a healthy pH balance
  •     Strengthens immune system and boosts energy
  •     No Synthetic, Isolated or Fractionated Vitamins & Minerals
  •     Increase energy – relieves fatigue and stress without the use of stimulants.
  •     Balances blood sugar levels
  •     Balances digestive symptoms related to gas & bloating
  •     Establishes a proper pH in the intestines, which is ideal for a healthy colon environment
  •     Increases mental acuity

How can I buy GreenShield at wholesale price?

We offer GreenShield Greens at $36 (40% discount) with 10 jars minimum order. (Click here to buy wholesale)

Why don't you use spirulina in GreenShield?

Spirulina is a green algae and is considered to be a “superfood”. Spirulina itself appears to be nontoxic. However, blue-green algae is sometimes naturally contaminated with highly toxic substances called microcystins. Some states (such as Oregon) require producers to strictly limit the concentration of microcystins in blue-green algae products, but the same protections cannot be assumed to have been applied to all products on the market.

Furthermore, the maximum safe intake of microcystins is not clear, and it is possible that when blue-green algae is used for a long time, toxic effects might build up. Long term use by children raises particular concerns, especially in light of the widely popularized but unsubstantiated belief that blue-green algae is useful for attention deficit disorder.


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 2.27.43 PMAutoShip Questions


What are autoship frequencies?

We offer 30, 45 and 60 day autoships within the USA. We recommend a 45 day autoship to most clients.

Can I cancel any time? Are there contracts?

Yes, you can cancel anytime, we do not have contracts for autoship.

How do I cancel my autoship?

You may simply login to your account here or account (if you paid with paypal). Alternatively you may simply email us or call us. 

How much will I save through autoship program?

We offer a 25% discount plus FREE shipping in the US and a free water bottle with your first autoship.

How do I log in to my autoship account

How do I sign up for the autoship?

What are the ingredients in Plasma pH?

AlkaVision Plasma pH Drops contain: Potassium Carbonate, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Carbonate, Pure Water.


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  1. Avatar

    I’ve been using the Plasma PH drops in my coffee for two years. Skipped 2 days in a row recently and my reflux acted up, was coughing. People noticed and thought I had a cold coming on, I was hacking so much.Went back on the drops in my coffee and back to normal. Also part of tounge was sore, acid hitting it I guess. I could taste the bitterness of the acid in my mouth too. That second night I added the drops to a liter of water and in about 2 hours a lot of relief, and next morning no more tounge soreness.
    Now my question is on the GreenShield product. I like the taste, and works well in water, is there a time limit on effectiveness to drink it, or can I drink it over a period of hours?

  2. Avatar

    I’ve purchased your product a while back. It’s expired. I started using it again, are there any side affects? I only used it for one day and later that evening I felt light headed. Is it because I’m detoxing?

    Please advise.

  3. Avatar

    I’m in the process of purchasing the GreenShield Greens and wanted to know if I could add it to my fruit/veggie smoothies and get the same effect, or is it best to be taken with water?

  4. Avatar

    Hello – I discovered an opened container of Alka Vision 1LBS GreenShield Greens Supplement Powder that I had forgotten about. It was in a dark cupboard, but could be up to 3 years old at this point (there isn’t an exp date on it). How can I tell if it’s still edible? I’d hate for it to go to waste!

    Kind Regards,

  5. Avatar

    Is this safe to give to my 2 year old? I gave her a sip and she actually likes it. I feel like it would be beneficial for her body fighting off cold and whatnot.

  6. Avatar

    Just curious why you didn’t use soy products and sprouts? I am looking for a greens powder without algae, spirulina and soy so was thrilled to see this. Also, I have been advised to not use clay unless my bowels are functioning well – do you anticipate any potential constipation with the added clay? How much is in it compared to the greens? Do you ship to Canada btw? Is this a Gluten-free product?

    • Vadim Guchinskiy

      We do not use soy because of high estrogen effect on the body and it is virtually impossible to find non GMO sources. We use very little of clay so you should be fine. We ship to Canada. Yes it is gluten free.

  7. Avatar

    Is it best to take both the Greens and the drops? Can you get too much of a good thing? If you do take both, how do you determine the dose for each?

  8. Avatar

    I have been distilling my water for years now, and I always add your plasma ph to it, but my Dog just lost one of his teeth(looked corroded), and I have only been giving him distilled water, would it be OK to give my dog high ph water, or my other pets, I have 2 cats also? Thank you!!

  9. Avatar

    I have a large container of GreenShield Alka Vision that has been in the freezer for a couple of years. May I use that? Will it be ok?

    • Vadim L.G.

      Should be ok, please double check the taste and also expiration date. We can also replace the jar for you free of charge.

  10. Avatar

    I have the alka vision green shield 1lb greens supplements powder for 4-5 years into a dark cool place! Is it ok if I consume that or no? I think herbs dont get old is that right?

  11. Avatar

    What can I eat while using/drinking ph water w/greens. Is there a particular diet I should follow, and where can I find it.
    Monika Silverston

    • Avatar

      Purchase diagnostic pH test strips. Make sure to purchase strips intended for use in measuring body fluids, specifically urine and saliva. Do not purchase another form of pH test strips, such as test strips intended to measure the alkalinity of pool or aquarium water. Locate and purchase your pH test strips online through a retailer or an independent natural health store.

  12. Avatar

    I was around when Dr Robert Young first developed innerlight products. These prices are amazing. In a very short time {weeks} you can reverse many negative symptoms in your body. Our immune system is our best friend. yet most of us are not very faithful. Our friend never stops working hard for us. But unfortunately over the years it weakens. Al;alkalizing and energizing is the most important action you could take to rebuild and strengthen your body. Isnt that the least we can do for an old friend that work 24/7 to keep us alive.

  13. Avatar

    Dear Alkavision
    I’ve been using both GreenShield Greens and PH drops-very happy!
    My question; I make a lot of juices and smoothies ( all with vegetables, fruits etc), if I add the Greenshield Green powder to the smoothie or the PH drops does this create the same effect or must they be drunk with water

  14. Avatar

    I find your site very informative and I am looking forward to receiving my first order. I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR YOUR NEWS LETTER AND LOOK FORWARD TO RECEIVING IT.

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