Plasma pH Drops

Plasma pH Drops
Size: 2 oz
Serving Size: 10 drops
Servings: 115
Taste: Tasteless
Ingredients: Potassium Carbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate

Made from a powerful combination of the most alkaline minerals and compounds, AlkaVision Plasma pH Drops are the strongest pH drops on the market. See for yourself and compare our Plasma pH Drops to other brands before buying. You'll quickly see that the strength and effectiveness of Plasma pH Drops can't be beat. Using Plasma pH is one of the best ways to alkalize your water and improve your health. Just add 10 drops to a quart of clean water to raise the pH level to an optimum level. Each bottle contains 115 servings, 1 serving is 10 drops. Learn more

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: kathy blickenstaff
    I am sooo thankful, I bought this as all of you did to raise my PH, but i developed a horrible itching, 'not because of the Alka Vision' anyway it was just the worst, kept me up at night I itched all over all the time, I tried every thing, soda baths, vinegar baths, ever type of cream, nothing helped. I think I was getting suicidal... Then a light came on and i thought maybe put the Alks Vision on my skin, I tried it and it was almost instant releaf. Now until I figure out what is causing the itching I will be buying quite a bit more of the Alka Vision Plasma PH drops.............
  • Author: Harold Brown
    My heartburn is almost unbearable , and growing worst . I had heartburn over the years , but never this bad ! I don't know how much more I can take . Would a change in diet help ? What should I eat ?
  • Author: Matt
    I've brought this before. Makes water taste awesome; you just want to drink water all the time. Brought 2 bottles, however 1 bottle lasts ages so the 2nd bottle expired on me and I was drinking it all the time. Highly recommend this product.
  • Author: AudreyTaylor
    Mr. Brown you need to see your doctor.
    Any pain that becomes unbearable should be addressed by a doctor ASAP.
  • Author: Jean
    Before purchasing this product how can I test to see my PH
  • Author: joyce
    How can I test my PH balance?
  • Author: Maureen
    You can buy test strips at the Vitamin Shoppe and Fruitful Yield.
  • Author: William Beeler
    need alkaline water
  • Author: Chris
    Gout flare ups and kidney stones just had blood drawn for uric acid......any other info would be appreciated. a diet plan. Thank you in advance

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