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Kelly Ripa Says Alkaline Diet Changed Her Life…

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Recently, Kelly Ripa had this to say about the alkaline diet: “It has changed my life […] And I swear I think it’s responsible for me not being in pain.” Kelly had suffered from what she called “strange injuries”, and claims that the alkaline diet has taken the pain away. Could it be true? We believe so. To understand why the alkaline diet could have such a positive effect, one only has to analyze the content of the diet. It’s high in fruits and vegetables It’s high in certain nuts and other healthy fats It includes healthy grains It cuts back on or eliminates acid producing foods like dairy and meats It doesn’t take a rocket scientist…

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Even your skeletal system is affected by a high amount of acid in your diet and in your body!

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When it comes to your health nothing is more effective and will make you feel better than maintaining a healthy pH balance. Many people today have such an acidic diet that it has becoming detrimental to their health and lifestyle. Using pH drops in order to reduce the amount of acid in your diet and return your body to the ideal alkaline state is important in feeling better and becoming healthier. If you’re wandering what pH is, it’s the power of Hydrogen and it’s a term used to measure the amount of hydrogen in your body. It’s based on a scale from 1 to 14 and the ideal pH is right around the middle of the scale.…

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Get “Alkalizing Revolution” on Kindle

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  If you are looking for a great source of alkaline diet advice try Alkalizing Revolution book on Kindle

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Why the Alkaline Diet is Here to Stay

The thing about diets is that they seem to very frequently come and go. A lot of people ride the diet wave like a roller-coaster, hopping on whatever fad-diet comes along—often experiencing ups and downs in weight and overall health as a result. Before I go on to talk about the alkaline diet, let me say a little about these diet trends. They truly do come and go with every passing wind. Here’s an example of how these things can change: 25 years ago, the common advice was to eat less meat and more carbs. For example, if you were eating a plate of spaghetti, a dietitian might tell you to use 1/4 the sauce if you…

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Why the Alkaline Diet is A Healthy Way of Life

The “alkaline diet”, as it is called, is the theory that the pH of our diet should line up with the pH of our blood, and that by eating an alkaline-promoting diet, we will help our bodies reach better overall balance and health. High acidity promotes a wide range of health problems… from acid reflux, to fatigue, to some cancers. All foods we eat leave behind a sort of residue in our body… referred to as “ash”. That ash will either be alkaline or acidic. The alkaline diet focuses on foods that leave behind an alkaline ash, thereby increasing alkalinity in the body. Foods such meats and dairy produce acidic ash. Foods such as fruits and vegetables…

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