COVID-19 Update

We wanted to quickly update our customers that we are still in business and are here for you. Orders go out as usual and we are a bit behind on sourcing GreenShield manufacturer due to recent world events. Please stay healthy and as always eat and drink alkaline foods and water!

Columbus Day Sale!

Dear valued customer of AlkaVision! Today we are celebrating Columbus Day and we would like to offer you a quick 15% discount on any order, even autoship orders. To keep this email short and to the point, if you are running low on your alkalizing supplements please go here to order and use the coupon code “15off” when you check out to take an instant 15% off your order –

Kelly Ripa Says Alkaline Diet Changed Her Life…

Recently, Kelly Ripa had this to say about the alkaline diet: “It has changed my life […] And I swear I think it’s responsible for me not being in pain.” Kelly had suffered from what she called “strange injuries”, and claims that the alkaline diet has taken the pain away. Could it be true? We believe so. To understand why the alkaline diet could have such a positive effect, one only has to analyze the content of the diet. It’s high in fruits and vegetables It’s high in certain nuts and other healthy fats It includes healthy grains It cuts back on or eliminates acid producing foods like dairy and meats It doesn’t take a rocket scientist…

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