[quote author=”Suzanne, June 2014″] I love your greenshields.    It tastes minty and refreshing.   Almost like unsweetened ice tea.   It’s hard to believe that something that tastes so good is very nutritious!!!![/quote]

[quote author=”Brenda, Nov 2013″]I am a long time Innerlight user.  I tried your product for the first time….and love it.  It is better tasting and more economical than your competitors.  I will continue to order your products.[/quote]

[quote author=”Kathy Blickenstaff, Nov 2013″]I am sooo thankful, I bought this as all of you did to raise my PH, but i developed a horrible itching, ‘not because of the Alka Vision’ anyway it was just the worst, kept me up at night I itched all over all the time, I tried every thing, soda baths, vinegar baths, ever type of cream, nothing helped. I think I was getting suicidal… Then a light came on and i thought maybe put the Alks Vision on my skin, I tried it and it was almost instant releaf. Now until I figure out what is causing the itching I will be buying quite a bit more of the Alka Vision Plasma PH drops[/quote]

[quote author=”Rusty, Nov 2013″]After looking and trying other products – through much searching I found AlkaVision. Extremely acidic, it was no wonder I felt sick all the time – and was! After 5 years of using this product I have seen exceptional results (but I felt the change roughly about 60 days) and GreenShield has gotten better over the years with dissolving the powder into water. Most of the solids are completely dissolved if mixed and let to sit for about 8 -24 hours. It tastes like tea and not a fresh cut lawn. There is a marked difference when I am off the product vs. when I am on it. Since using GreenShield Greens I do not consider Innerlight’s Super Greens as you get more with GreenSheild, it is more potent, and costs significantly less. In my opinion you cannot find a higher quality alkalizing powder. A great product that is helping reverse cell damage and helps regulate blood sugar just as it says it will. I don’t give reviews but am taking the time here to do this because I believe this product will, just as Dr. Theodore Baroody says in his book Alkalize or Die and Dr. Robert O. Young in The pH Miracle, ultimately help save you from acidic diseases and worse.[/quote]

[quote author=”Sheila”]My husband Byron was up for liver transplant the diabetes 2 attack his liver and cerrioses was spreading in his liver by drinking alkaline water 9.0 and 8.0 his liver is better and his diabetes is managed from 80-130 . By drinking this water he was restore in a 3 days he was up walking from a stroke and another 4 days he could speak and write again the doctor at St.johns was shock of his improvement and we have the doctors report to confirm what Iam saying buy the drops, green food and the water you will be blessed.[/quote]

[quote author=””]phtestimonials[/quote]
[quote author=”Steven H Croson”]
I have metatastic Bone Cancer and have been taking your product for almost 2 years. I credit it for helping me deal with the side effects of my treatments and fight off the cancer while keeping my quality of life as a normal person. My doctors just say “keep on doing whatever you are doing, it’s obviously working for you”.
[quote author=”Victor”]
I haven’t lost any weight yet, but Alkavision has done something for me that No Other Product has.

I suffered with Morgellon’s Disease, for nearly 10 years. I have tried EVERY kind of Cream and other product on the market to get rid of this thing. and Plasma pH has Done It. It seems that Morgellon’s is Allergic to Alkaline pH.

This Stuff is a Miracle, I’m Finally FREE of Morgellon’s disease.

[quote author=”Kathleen”]Note
[quote author=”Tay”]
I just wanted share how pleased I am with the Ph drops and green drink! By far, both are the best products of their kind on the market. My tap water (filtered is a Ph of 6.5 and with your drops, I am able to get it to 12! I am thrilled. Finally, I am making progress on my quest to change by body from acid to alkaline. The green drink is very pleasant, not too sweet. I really appreciate the addition of clay, as then I have one less product to buy. Also, many green drinks have brown rice added, which is acid producing, so those products were defeating my program.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the order arrived and how reasonable the shipping was. The only flaw I found in my whole experience is that your website would not allow me to order both a single can of the green drink AND subscribe to the monthly delivery of the Ph drops in the same transaction.

Thanks for excellent products and service. I’ll write again when I have results to report.

[quote author=””]

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 9.36.35 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.15.20 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.13.52 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.13.00 AM [/quote]


[quote author=”Rj Coyer, Oklahoma”]
Hello, My name is Rj. I am a 55 year old man who had all of the wrong eating habits known to man. I decided that I wanted to change my life and went to the Creative Health Institute to learn how to live raw. During my stay there, I read many books. One of them told me how I was very acidic and how important it was to become more alkaline.

In my quest to alkalize, I found AlkaVision.

It has been about 3 months since my changing to all raw foods, and using the combining of foods, and using the alkalizing drops. Well, I have lost about 45 pounds, gotten off my prescription drugs (cholesterol meds, antidepressants, and blood pressure meds). I am feeling great, have lots of energy, have an “unclouded” mind, and many other benefits.

I got on the auto-ship of pH drops and use them multiple time per day. I can not ever see myself going back to my old way of life. Buying new clothes for my lighter body is a lot of fun. Being able to move and get around again like I was 35-40 years old is very fulfilling and a real emotional high.

I owe it all to my change to an all raw life style and to alkalizing. Taking long walks in the Tulsan Spring weather was never this wonderful.
[quote author=”Mary Sowers, Kalamazoo, MI”]
I have spent most of my life fighting chronic disease. Lengthy hospitalizations gave me a clear
picture of the limitations of traditional medicine.

I have faced 5 different life threatening illnesses and twice i was told by doctors that I could soon die.

I spent some 25 years studying the value of diet and supplementation.

One would think that after my exhaustive research I would have found all the answers.

Well, it wasn’t until I discovered the alkalizing diet that it all came together.

Now GreenShield and Plasma pH are my constant companion. I have ample energy because of
these supplements.

I still continue to have my treats occasionally but the wonderful salads, seasonings and pies on the alkaline diet are what I crave. No need to search further, the GreenShield daily drink with
pH drops are an ideal beginning.
[quote author=”Roy Firth, Lincolnshire, UK”]
I have been taking Plasma pH (added to my drinking water) for almost 2 months. The itching on my skin has now disappeared and I feel more energetic. The Plasma pH was the best value I could find and you can receive a discount for purchasing it regularly.

I will be purchasing more Plasma pH before my present batch runs out.
[quote author=”William Magboo, California”]
I have used this product for about a month and a half and it is wonderful, can tell the difference with my water, it tastes better, and I want more andmore of the water. You hear people say that the water tastes wetter, well it really does.

This product has lasted me this whole time, it is very economical and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel more energy and feel the aches and pains melt away. I feel more alive after taking this product!!! I love it, great job AlkaVision!!!

Thank you,
[quote author=”John Woolgar”]
You may well have the best alkalizer on the market!
[quote author=”Rose Banderas, California”]
My name is Rose and I have been using this product for the past 2 months and it has really done wonders for me. It has given me more energy and has also improved my skin tone. It’s a great product and well worth the cost especially knowing that it does last longer and tastes better than any of the other pH drops on the market. I love AlkaVision pH drops and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their health.

Thank you,
[quote author=”Rick Panson, NYC”]
Rick Panson, NYC Nutritional Microscopist and Health Coach (


I have been using pH drops as well as green, alkalizing drinks for over 2 years now. I am known in NYC as a “health food fanatic”, I’m also a Dr. Robert O. Young trained Nutritional Microscopist and well versed in the raw-live-vegan-organic lifestyle.

I even grow my own organic garden in the windows of my Manhattan apartment. I can attest to the quality of the AlkaVision products and I recommend the products with great pride and pleasure.

The AlkaVision products are easy to recommend because they are clearly superior as well as the most economical on the market today.

The AlkaVision products have exceeded my expectations (and testing) and I am exceptionally pleased with their OUTSTANDING, high quality!

THESE PRODUCTS ARE SIMPLY “THE BEST”! (and worth 2X the listed prices or even more)
[quote author=”Marilyn Sorensen, West Jordan, UT”]
Fantastic shipping, great product! Much better than other brands of ph drops!
[quote author=”Conor Wilson, UK”]
The Plasma drops are absolutely amazing, I feel unreal. I am fit healthy, eat a very good vegetarian/alkalizing diet, i have really noticed the difference in my state of mind within a day of taking the drops. Feel very energized and positive. I have given your details to my friends who share my interests in health and well being, I’m sure they will be ordering from you soon. Great job, all the best from the UK
[quote author=”Sincerely, Kyle Safa, San Ramon, CA”]
I must say I was pleasantly surprised after my first sip of GREENSHIELD, the taste is simply terrific, as is lacking with most green drinks out there,….I felt a “buzz” almost immediately after drinking it, and so I was quite happy to have sips throughout the whole day.

The taste is quite mild, and pleasant on the palate, and you really feel it the very first time you drink it. I think it’s the “Real McCoy”, and the price as well is very affordable. I’m looking forward to AlkaVision’s upcoming new products, as I’m already convinced and a believer in this line of products
[quote author=”Dennis Young”]
I personally love the drops and really feel the difference! I will continue to recommend them to everyone!

[quote author=”Sincerely, Joan Cole”]
Dear AlkaVision,

I have been using the pH drops and green shield pretty faithfully. The GreenShieldhas a wonderful taste! I promise to keep ordering….!!! I love the product… I drink GreenShield instead of my coffee every morning!!! I do still need to drink more water, but I do only drink water so I have come along ways… have lost about 6 lb to keep off and am doing great… still need to work on a more alkaline diet… but baby steps are working!!! Thanks to God for putting you in my path!!!
[quote author=”klutzylady56@*****.com”]

[quote author=”Edith”]
I ordered my first bottle of GreenShield over a week ago and have been very satisfied with it. Both my husband and I have tried at least 3 other green drinks, and none of them measure up to GreenShield! Most green drinks don’t taste good, but yours does. That’s quite a surprise! Other green drinks try to include every imaginable supplement. Unfortunately, many of those supplements are acidic and defeat the purpose of the green drink.

I can assure you that my husband and I will be loyal customers and will continue to use your product. In fact, our first order was a test to determine if we liked GreenShield. Our next order will be for 10 bottles. We don’t ever want to run out of it!

[quote author=”Madeleine, AB, CanadaK”]
I am convinced that an alkaline nutrition is very important. Browsing the internet I have found AlkaVision Plasma ph drops and gave them a try. They did increase the ph of my water significantly and are affordable too! I started using them and since then I am more energized. Being tired in the afternoon belongs to the past. The drops helped reducing weight as well and my skin is clear again.

I use them in all our water containers, so my children, who very often do not eat as alkaline
as I would like too, benefit as well. The ph drops are the best drops I have found.
[quote author=”Stephanie George”]
The Plasma PH and Green Shield are wonderful. My body is responding favorably. I really like the way it is making me feel. I have a sense of stability I did not have before but needed so desperately.

Thank you so much,
[quote author=”Paul”]
There have been many benefits I believe I can attribute to Plasma drops, of which I will briefly name a few. First, I am a water drinker and drink the recommended 64+ ounces of water a day and each water bottle is alkalized using your drops. I believe I am just now starting to have my body saturate itself with the 3+ months of daily usage. I have increased energy, but the two most important benefits involve better sleep and a reduced appetite. Better sleep is extremely important to me as I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Almost immediately, I was sleeping better and spending more time in the REM stage of sleep and dreaming! I certainly did not expect this benefit and I don’t know if anyone has commented on this, but it is more therapeutic than the $2000 CPAP air machine I am supposed to use each night! Needless to say, I don’t use the CPAP anymore and sleep pretty good these days! As far as appetite, I am just now getting used to my body’s insulin levels being regulated and thus not as hungry all throughout the day.

Whether a coincidence or not or my body is craving better quality food, I have been slightly altering my diet with more whole and organic foods and shopping at the local Co-Op and turning my nose up to all of the “trashy” foods out there that are very unhealthful. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. I have tried countless of these so-called “health products” products and this one actually delivers! Feel free to use my above comments and email address if you like.

Many Thanks!
[quote author=”Phillip”]
I have been using Greenshield and Plasma Ph for 2 months now. I have found I have much more energy and more alert. I drink 4 litres of the green drink every day and it tastes great. I have also improved my eating habits and have lost 14 lbs in weight. My body was very acidic which is bad for you and can cause all sorts of health problems. Now I am in good health and my body is alkaline which is great. Alkavision products are now part of my life forever and I would recommend them everyone.
[quote author=”Green Shield.”]
I am a minister and I have only been using the Plasma Ph drops and Green Shield for a week. The very first time I drank it I was surprised by the refreshing taste. It has a pleasant minty flavor. I could actually feel it cooling the inside of my body as I drank it.

I have always been very fond of coffee and I drank it throughout the day. After drinking your product, I have not craved coffee at all. I have only had it twice this week (not in the morning) and added the drops to the water and the coffee was not acidic at all and tasted wonderful.

I was also a chocolate addict. I do not crave chocolate now at all. The simple fact is that my body is receiving all that it wants from your amazing product and the only thing that I crave now is [/quote]
[quote author=”David Upchurch”]
I am a diabetic who has had trouble regulating my blood sugar. Since starting your product I am completely off of insulin and my blood sugars run consistently 110 to 150 and that is after meals. I do still take my metformin, but my doctor has agreed to me coming off of the insulin completely.

Additionally, after drinking your product 3 to 4 times a day, I am never hungry. Without even trying I have lost eight pounds in one week. I am so excited about GreenShield that I have ordered it for my diabetic sister and her husband to try. I know they will be as pleased with it as I am.

All of this in only one week!!! It is simply amazing! Your products are a Godsend to me. I am recommending them to a lot of people.
[quote author=”Jason C”]

I was struck with a flu in San Francisco, CA during a Mac Show. I was aching all over and really sick. Within 24 hours it was all gone due to the fact that I was dropping the Alka Vision drops in my 1.5 liter bottle 5 times a day. The next day Wow I was sooo much better . I continued this treatment until the following day when all traces of the flu were gone. Also my girlfriend had done the same treatment and lost 5 lbs and 2 inches.

[quote author=”Rosemarie”]
I just retired from owning a small business, I retired early because I felt so terrible and could not go on. Several weeks ago I was driving home on the parkway and actually fell asleep, only for a second, but that is all it takes. I could have been killed. About 10 years ago I began a vegan lifestyle and my health improved dramatically, but that was very hard to sustain. I moved up to being a vegetarian and remained one till today. I thought I would be healthy. I was eating all the good foods like beans, tofu, and all kinds of fruit and vegetables. But I felt terrible. After my drive home I had to find the answer, the Dr. was useless of course so I surfed the web. I was so acid I didn’t even register on my bottles’ color chart. That meant I was probably a 4.

I am 25 lbs overweight, that should not happen to a vegetarian. (I gained that weight in a matter of 4 years, I was always skinny) I have been taking PH for a few weeks now, I tried another product, yes it raised me a little but tasted awful. If you can’t drink it what is the use. I tried Alkavision and I can drink this with no taste I can detect and my PH is up to 7 sometimes a little more.

I have lost 12 lbs without trying, that was impossible before, no matter how I tried. I will always use this product, how could I stop? I do not want to feel that other way again. I now have energy to spare and intend to use it wisely.
[quote author=”Jermaine”]
This Ph Drops are great! I have so much more energy now. I started using the PH drops about 3 weeks ago, and I can really see a different with mental clarity, sleeping and overall health. I use to have a hard time falling asleep if I woke up during the night but since I’ve been taking the drops I’ve been able to fall right back to sleep with no problems. I’ve also been able to wake up before my alarms goes off which was rare before taking the drops. Awesome product!


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