“16 Reasons Why AlkaVision GreenShield
Should Be Part of Your Routine”

(And why some ingredients are better than others
…if you care about your health!)


Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

If you’re reading this, you are no-doubt concerned about your health. Maybe you suffer from chronic pain or inflammation, arthritis, digestive problems, blood sugar problems, or—God forbid—maybe you’re facing something as serious as cancer.

If you’re suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain or inflammation, arthritis, cancer, digestive problems, asthma, headaches, heartburn, depression, fatigue, or any other symptoms out of a long list of common “American” ailments, then rest assured: you’re not alone!

Conditions like this have run rampant in our society.

Our “American” way of life is literally starving our bodies of the ingredients it needs to fight disease and inflammation. We’ve replaced the wholesome goodness of real food with artificial and nutrient-deficient substitutes.

While our best science tells us that we can benefit dramatically from eating more plants—more “greens”—our industrialized food system continues to lead us astray. All the while our bodies remain starved of “green goodness”.


“How To Get What You’re Missing…”

AlkaVision GreenShield is a food supplement designed to provide the “green goodness” that is missing from your diet. Known as a “Green Drink”, GreenShield is an easy and affordable way to give your nutrition a significant boost. A supplement is only as good as it’s ingredients. And AlkaVision GreenShield has the best.

If you are concerned about your health, then there are no less than 16 reasons why you owe it to yourself to give AlkaVision GreenShield a try. All of these reasons boil down to one thing: ingredients. GreenShield combines many powerful ingredients that you won’t find together anywhere else. And just as important as what it includes is what it doesn’t include. (A lot of “green drinks” miss this point, and believe me… you don’t want to. I’ll tell you exactly why in a moment, But first…)

Just consider the first ingredient, and Reason #1:

“Literally Packed With Vitamins and Nutrients…”



“Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory… and a powerful antioxidant!”

Let me explain this last one: Spirulina is a popular blue-green algae “superfood”. And while spirulina itself appears to be nontoxic, blue-green algae is sometimes naturally contaminated by highly toxic substances called microcystins.

Some states (such as Oregon) require producers to strictly limit the concentration of microcystins in blue-green algae products, but the same protections cannot be assumed to have been applied to all products on the market.

What may result from long-term use of products contaminated with even small amounts of microcystins is unknown, and for this reason we err on the side of caution and do not include spirulina in AlkaVision GreenShield. In addition, GreenShield contains no synthetic, isolated or fractionated vitamins and minerals.

The bottom line here is this: some ingredients are just plain better than others if you care about your health. AlkaVision GreenShield aims to provide the best ingredients possible. Period.

That’s why GreenShield may very well be…


“The Safest Way to Lose Weight!”

The one thing that most “fad” diets have in common is this:

they work by starving the body.

As we discussed above, our bodies are already “starved” enough by typical American eating habits. AlkaVision GreenShield takes the opposite approach, by striving to give the body exactly what it needs.

Being overweight is often related to high acidity. Because of this, getting rid of the acid means dropping pounds. AlkaVision GreenShield is designed to be your first and best line of defense against acid and fat.

The nutrient-packed content of GreenShield naturally suppresses your appetite. You’ll eat less, and in turn lose weight. (Many can expect to lose up to 3 or even 6 pounds a week when using AlkaVision GreenShield in combination with proper lifestyle and dietary changes.)

“How Can You Afford Not to?”

Think about it…

What would you do if you found one amazing food source unlike any other?

If you found one amazing food source that could accomplish all that:

Would you want to try it?

Of course you would! How could you afford not to?

“How to Use AlkaVision GreenShield…”

Most people want to get started right away with improving their health and life. Some people may want to start with 1/2 spoons to 1 spoon (included in the jar) of GreenShield daily, and then gradually work up to 2 or 6 level spoons daily. This will prevent or slow down any symptoms associated with detoxification of your system.

Remember that each individual will experience different reactions, as their history of health or illness is a very personal thing. Lasting health is not something that is established overnight, and any pill which promises this only removes the symptom, and worsens the problem somewhere else.

GreenShield is a powerful green drink and antioxidant that can help to detoxify your colon and your blood. It is designed to make your body work better and longer. It is designed for optimum health for the “long haul”.

If you’d like to improve your health and experience the many potential benefits that AlkaVision GreenShield has to offer, click the button below to order now.

About AlkaVision GreenShield:

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    Will this product have any noticeable effect on skin conditions such as sensitive skin, dry skin, acne, dermatitis etc? And what effects might one experience?

  2. Avatar

    I would like to know what are the best fruits to mix with for better results and taste, after reading the comments I am confused, didn’t know the combination with fruits can make a difference, thanks

  3. Avatar

    Barley grass doesn’t interact well with orange juice. It lessens the affect. However, using 1/2 Welch’s Grape juice heightens the affect. I experienced this myself. I was able to get over fibromyalgia doing this combination, and lots of purified water too.

  4. Avatar

    I understand you recommend using cool water. I like using organic orange juice with my green drinks, which I’ve been doing daily and I love the taste in most cases. Would using orange juice lessen the effect of this particular green drink?

    Thanks a bunch! Love the pH drops, by the way!

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