Alkaline Food: The Diet of Our Ancestors

In the early days of man, people ate what was easily accessible. Raw fruit and vegetables were prominent on the menu, because they were easier to find or grow. Next on the list was fish, because they were a lot easier to catch than large game. Grains were last on the menu, mainly because they took too long cook. And sugar was not even an option.

Now, for many in today’s time, such a diet would seem too restrictive. And yet, many researchers are discovering that the Paleolithic diet may be what nature intended for mankind. Why? Well, the first answer is obvious… the diet is high protein/ low carb. This is a perfect combination for building muscle, which was very important during that time.

The second answer is not as well-known. Basically, the Paleolithic diet consists primarily of alkaline food. What is alkaline food? Alkaline food contains a large amount of alkaloid compounds which destroy acidic byproducts left in the body. Natural sources of alkaline food include green vegetables, fish and citrus fruits.

In modern cultures, alkaline food can also be obtained through supplements. One example is the green powder drink. This is a drink mix consisting of nothing but green vegetables. As a result, it packs an amazing amount of alkaloid compounds.

Of course, you don’t want to rely solely on green powder drinks as your alkaline food. Granted, they are helpful if you eat bad one occasionally, but for everyday eating, you will want to consume regular alkaline food. You can even make alkaline food more enticing by researching alkaline recipes on the Web. They will teach you how you can add appropriate flavor without sacrificing the foods alkalizing properties.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in losing weight or maintaining your health, you will want to add more alkaline food to your diet. This is what the cavemen did, and it worked well for their situation. Granted, our lives are a bit different than theirs, but our bodies haven’t changed.

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