Alkaline Food: What Should be Served for Breakfast

What type of food is normally served on the American kitchen table during breakfast time? For meat, people usually consume eggs, sausage, bacon or ham. For carbs, people eat pancakes, cereal, pastries, muffins or toast. None of these options are the healthiest choice, even if they happen to be low in calories.

Why is this so? It’s because they lack alkaline compounds, which are essential for maintaining a healthy ph level. In fact, since many of these foods are high in fat, they could actually make a person’s ph level worse, (since digesting fat releases a lot of harmful acids).
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So, instead of going for these more acidic foods, you should opt for alkaline food. With alkaline food, your body maintains an appropriate ph level. As a result, you feel completely revitalized. Not only will you be more energized, but you will also rev up your metabolism.

The only challenge you will have is getting used to eating alkaline food so early. Since alkaline food consists primarily of green vegetables and fish, it may seem out of place in the morning. Most Americans are just so used to eating these types of foods at lunch or in the evening at dinner.

Yet, if you want optimal health, alkaline food is the only way to go. You just have to recondition your mind. Really, who says that fish and vegetables can’t be consumed as a ‘breakfast’ meal? If Americans can get used to eating breakfast at night, (due to diners like I-Hop or Denny’s), surely they can learn to eat alkaline food in the morning.

Now, if you find that you honestly don’t have time to eat alkaline food for breakfast, you may want to consider consuming a green powder shake. Green powder shakes moderate your ph levels because they contain nothing but green vegetables. Plus, many of them contain additional flavoring, so in actuality they are just as palatable as any other health food drink on the market.

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