Alkaline pH is the measure of the acid or alkaline solutions. Its range of 7.2 to 7.4 is best for the body to function and heal itself. The blood must maintain this pH to withdraw calcium from the bones. The withdrawing of calcium from bones neutralizes the blood pH that is too acidic. By a rough estimate, for every soda that is taken, the body should withdraw certain amount of mg to neutralize the acid.

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Alkaline reserves act as a stock to maintain proper reserve of alkaline pH in the blood. If we consume more alkaline forming minerals in our body than required, it gets accumulated in the body tissue for future use.

When food is digested it is carried for the oxidization. Then the carbonic acid salts of the alkaline elements react with the circulating acid and release weak carbonic acid. Weak Carbonic acid then is readily destroyed through the lungs as carbon dioxide and water. It is then both alkaline and acid are set free. When the acid and alkaline elements are freed simultaneously, alkaline elements neutralize the acids without any delay. And, if by chance they are not neutralized then the acid elements are neutralized by the alkaline that is stored as a future reserve. Thus, the alkaline reserve is must for a healthy function of the body at all times.

To simplify, if there is any need to neutralize the acid, the body will release and consume the alkaline elements stored in the reservoir of the body. Thus, your body tends to be slightly alkaline.

When you add poor diet to the creation of these acids, you start to slow down the ability to cope with the acid. This is where the problem crops up. Fat is one of the problems associated with the acidity in the body. Due to the acidic problem, you may not properly metabolize the extra weight.

With acid-alkaline imbalance, you may not just experience weight gain but confront with numerous problems. The problems are aplenty; however, some of them are mentioned here. These are lack of stamina, energy, kidney problem, thyroid problem, poor circulation and metabolism, headaches, lack of enthusiasm, and several other complications.

Most of health problems are associated with the level of pH. Thus, for the proper functioning of body pH level should be stable and it should not be imbalanced. Our body is never ending process of chemical reactions, thus a balanced pH level is desirable for the body to be free from any ailments.

So, you must concentrate on the formation of alkaline instead on the formation of alkaline. You must consume all the fruits and vegetables that include the most of the alkaline forming. Also, with the consumption of green vegetables you must drink lot of water. Alkalinity condition stimulates nerve action while acidic condition inhibits it.

To maintain the alkaline pH balance of the blood, you must have a balanced diet plan. However, results are not to be expected to come in a day or two. A balanced food plan is a great help in replenishing and sustaining your alkaline pH balance of the blood.

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