Benefits of Alkaline Foods

When trying to maintain a pH balance that is above seven we should try to eat eighty percent alkaline foods. We should make ourselves aware of what alkaline foods are so that we know which foods are best to eat. Eating these types of foods can give us better health and help us to live a longer life. Alkaline foods are made up of almost all fruits and vegetables. Vegetables that are green have higher alkaline than other foods. Some of these foods are cabbage, broccoli, asparagus and lettuce. Spinach is also an alkaline food but it has to be consumed raw. If cooked, spinach can turn into an acid forming food. Apples, melons, mangoes and bananas are also alkaline foods. Both fruits and vegetables are great alkaline foods to add to your diet. With any fruit or vegetable proper cleaning should always be done before eating to remove any dirt or chemicals.

There are other alkaline foods other then fruits and vegetables that are good for your health. Olive oil is a good alkaline food that should be used for cooking your food. Stay away from using butter and vegetable oil as they are both considered to be acidic foods. If you insist on using butter, use avocado butter as it is an alkaline food. Almonds are alkaline foods and can boost your energy so add some to your diet each day. Honey is good for healing and is also an alkaline food. Garlic is an alkaline food and is good to add to your food when cooking.

One thing that we do not want to hear is that coffee and tea should be avoided. However, they are both considered to be acidic foods. If you need a drink of this kind, try drinking a coffee substitute or herbal teas. Soda and drinks made of alcohol are also acidic foods and should be avoided. If you eat many processed foods, you should stop doing that with most processed foods being acidic in nature. This type of food is also bad for your body. Eating fresh foods is your best option to stay healthy. Drinking water is one of the best things you can do. Alkalizing water is very good for your body. If you drink about eight glasses a day it can help to maintain the pH balance to protect your body from getting certain diseases.

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