Even your skeletal system is affected by a high amount of acid in your diet and in your body!

When it comes to your health nothing is more effective and will make you feel better than maintaining a healthy pH balance. Many people today have such an acidic diet that it has becoming detrimental to their health and lifestyle. Using pH drops in order to reduce the amount of acid in your diet and return your body to the ideal alkaline state is important in feeling better and becoming healthier.

If you’re wandering what pH is, it’s the power of Hydrogen and it’s a term used to measure the amount of hydrogen in your body. It’s based on a scale from 1 to 14 and the ideal pH is right around the middle of the scale. The middle of the scale means you’re slightly alkaline and the levels can be tested quite easily on a daily basis. Many of the health problems people experience are caused by a poor diet and a high amount of acidity in their systems. Having a proper pH balance will ensure you feel great and don’t have to worry about becoming ill or dealing with other health related issues.

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Many health problems such as digestive disorders and heart disease are caused from high levels of acidity in the body. The problems are caused by extra acid in your body and a lack of alkaline minerals that can counteract it. Too much acid will inflame organs and cause the body to work harder than if it was in a healthy state. It will restrict blood flow and inflammation can line blood vessels with fat. It will also cause your immune system to work harder which effectively renders it less efficient and able to defend your body against infections and disease.

Even your skeletal system is affected by a high amount of acid in your diet and in your body. Many skeletal issues like arthritis are caused by an imbalance of pH and a high accumulation of acid deposits in your wrists and joints. When the acid builds up it causes painful swelling and irritation. Almost every aspect of the health of your body is impacted by too acid and can be mediated by properly balancing pH levels.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms the first step you should take is to ensure you’re eating a healthy and balanced diets. Fluctuating pH levels are detrimental to your health in the long run. There pH drops available that will help alkalize your body and reach acceptable levels of pH while making sure acid doesn’t build up and cause you any more problems. A diet high in alkaline will help fight and prevent disease and other acid related issues. If you want to start feeling better simply get your pH checked, determine what level is appropriate for your body and lifestyle, and start making the changes required to live a healthy life.

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  1. I have said this for years. People who have naturally higher acid levels in their bodies are more prone to bone diseases like arthritis. I think a huge reason we see this type of issues more now then years ago is from the over processed foods. A lot of food preservatives are acid based. People who drink a load of soda and pop are ruining their bones and joints.

  2. It’s been documented time and time again, and yet people still choose to consume highly acidic foods due to either being ignorant or simply too lazy to take responsibility over their diets. I agree with Britanica about how we now have far more processed foods than in the past, which are making the population obese and the preservatives cause a whole range of issues.

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