How Plasma pH Compare?

There are many ph drops on the market. Ever since we launched 8 years ago many companies have launched their own versions of ph drops, many failed some still exist.

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Plasma pH Drops –

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– We always use glass bottle (notice how all of the products above are in a plastic container. This is unacceptable because concentrated alkaline formulas can leach plastic chemicals out of those bottles or even eat right through the bottles (if they do not the formula is probably not strong enough and you are wasting your money).

– Because Plasma pH Drops are so strong you only need to use 10 drops per quart/liter this way you have about 115 servings in each bottle ensuring that your bottle will last you several months giving you great value for your money.

– Our drops have no taste, smell or color. Some ph drops on the market make your water hard to drink and so you cannot get all the benefits of alkalizing since it will be hard for you to consume the product consistently.

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  1. I am taking Dexilant 60MGfor acid re-flux as well as a hialtial hernia As I understand it, Dexilant reduces stomach acid.
    Even though I take Dexilant I have still have an constant acidic burning sensation in my mouth and throat. I avoid acidic foods which doesn’t make much of a difference. I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do.
    Please advise. Thank you.

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