Why AlkaVision?

Most of us are aware of the potential dangers of what we eat. Through our diets we absorb chemicals that which designed to preserve foods actually can damage our insides. Alkalizing is a process of increasing the PH balance of extracellular and intracellular fluids in your body. The benefits of alkalizing helps your body work in the healthiest way possible.

AlkaVision Products

One of the major complaints of people throughout the world has to be acid. Acid builds up in the body to the point where people develop some serious acidity issues. Alkalvision stands behind it’s product Plasma PH drops which are designed to eliminate the acidity in the body through alkalizing. High acidity or ‘Acidosis’ occurs when there is too much acidity in the body fluids. Plasma PH drops are the solution to removing the acid and helping your body achieve maximum results. Check out this link to see some common complaints of sufferers of over acidity in the body. If you experience any or all of these symptoms, then this product is for you! http://www.alkavision.com/plasma-ph-drops/

Alkavision Plasma PH drops are without a doubt the best you can find, anywhere! Sure, there are knockoffs all over but none can compare to the quality of this Alkavision product. So, if you’re experiencing discomfort such as stomach acid, stomach ulcers or consistent heartburn you really need to give Alkalvisions Plasma PH drops a try. If you can find a company that puts out a better Plasma PH drop anywhere, Alkavision will send you a month supply free of charge. This is a company that stands behind a quality product!

Additionally, Alkalvision also puts out great food supplement designed to replace nutrients that you may not be getting from your regular diet. This supplement is loaded with vitamins and supplements that your body needs to stay healthy and keep moving forward on a regular basis. The benefits of Alkalvisions Greenshield Greens are threefold. Not only does this product supply the nutrients your missing but it can also help with maladies like depression, fatigue and more. This ‘green’ product replaces the greens all of us need to live healthy lives. Check out Alkalvisions Greenshield Greens here! http://www.alkavision.com/greenshield-greens/


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  1. This is certainly interesting! I like the idea of taking alkaline supplements, especially considering all of the health benefits that a more alkaline based diet poses for us. I recently stopped eating a range of high-acidity foods, which I’ve noticed has had a massive impact on my overall health. I generally feel much happier and less ‘groggy’ throughout the day.

  2. I had a feeling that all of these preservatives were no good for us! I am really struggling to go on alkaline diet, however, perhaps reading more of these posts will prove to be motivational. I’m interested in trying Alkavision as an addition to my alkaline diet, but we’ll see if I can stick to it for more than 7 days first! 🙂

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