Why the Alkaline Diet is A Healthy Way of Life


The “alkaline diet”, as it is called, is the theory that the pH of our diet should line up with the pH of our blood, and that by eating an alkaline-promoting diet, we will help our bodies reach better overall balance and health. High acidity promotes a wide range of health problems… from acid reflux, to fatigue, to some cancers.

All foods we eat leave behind a sort of residue in our body… referred to as “ash”. That ash will either be alkaline or acidic. The alkaline diet focuses on foods that leave behind an alkaline ash, thereby increasing alkalinity in the body.

Foods such meats and dairy produce acidic ash. Foods such as fruits and vegetables produce alkaline ash. Based on this and the evidence regarding the problems associated with excess acidity, it makes sense to approach a healthy diet from an alkaline-promoting standpoint.

So why is the alkaline diet such a healthy way of life? Is it really that magical?

To answer this question, consider the advice you get from your average doctor. What should you do to eat healthier? Most doctors, for most people in America, would tell us to eat fewer refined carbs and meats, and more fruits and vegetables. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables alone has been shown to enhance health, energy, memory, and one’s overall feeling of well being.

Most people who switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet (both of which tend to be alkaline in nature) lose weight when they make the switch. They usually report having more energy and feeling better overall.

According to some experts, we can even see the effects of alkaline versus acidic diets in our blood. More and more consumers are becoming interested in not just being told about lab results, but in seeing the results for themselves and using the information to make better informed decisions about their health. There are services available that help to facilitate this. One such services is: www.BetterBlood.net.

While we believe that an alkaline diet is a healthy diet, it is true that every person is different. This is why it’s important for you to test and see for yourself. Change your diet, and see whether you feel a difference in energy and overall well-being. If you’re like most people, the change will be dramatic.

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