PH and Healing

PH and Healing


Can a balanced pH help your body heal? Can excess acidity slow down or stop the healing process? The answer to both questions is “yes”. Having the right pH levels in your body is essential to your health. But why? Let’s talk about it…

Consider for a moment a farmer who plants and grows crops of various kinds. Did you know that farmers pay attention to the pH levels of the soil in which their crops grow? They do this because if the soil pH is wrong, their crops won’t grow. In fact, an out-of-balance soil pH can result in the cessation of growth altogether—as in, if the pH isn’t right, then nothing can grow.

Crops need the correct pH in order to thrive and grow. Your body works very much the same way. If your pH levels in any part of your body get too far off, it can kill you. Less severe pH variations can still cause serious problems, such as the long list of problems associated with excess acidity. Acid re-flux and cancer are perhaps the most well known of the risks, but there are many other problems associated with excess acid in the body.

Look at your body like you would any other machine. You would not expect the engine in a car to run without oil, water for cooling, and gasoline. You would not expect a computer to work without power or any of the thousands of tiny electrical parts involved. And living machines are much more complicated than computers—so how much more will a living machine need the right “stuff” for optimum performance? You would not expect a crop to grow from the ground without adequate pH levels, water, and sun light. You shouldn’t expect your body to work correctly without adequate nutrition either. You need oxygen, water, food, proper pH balance, and certain vitamins and minerals. Those are the basics. If you eat an overly acid-producing diet, then you can expect your body to have problems just as much as it would if you were deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral. The body will work better, heal better, and live longer when all of the puzzle pieces are in place. For this reason and many others, you can’t afford to ignore your pH!

Some experts believe that a healthy pH level holds the key to healing. Many, MANY illnesses can be traced back to an imbalance of pH. For this reason, anyone wanting to be healthy and live a long and happy life should take steps to reduce acidity in their body and balance their pH as part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle.

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