What Is Your Body’s Acid Status?

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A lot of people don’t realize the impact that drinking carbonated drinks (such as sodas) has on their health. In addition to their other dietary drawbacks, carbonated drinks—even diet ones—are are highly acidic and lead to increased acidity in the body.

Acidity is measured by the pH scale, which is technically a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. A lower number on the pH scale means higher acidity. A higher pH reading means higher alkalinity. Any pH lower than 7 is considered acidic, and any pH above 7 is considered alkaline.

The body does best in a slightly alkaline state. The foods we eat and the things we drink can affect our acid/alkaline balance. The carbonation process makes drinks very acidic, which is why carbonated drinks such as sodas are so bad in terms of their acidifying effects on the body. Studies have shown that drinking diet sodas does not help people lose weight. One reason for this is the effect of the acid in the diet sodas.

Studies also indicate that a more alkaline “status” will help your body fight disease. People on alkaline diets report lower incidence of disease, healthy weight loss, lower body fat, and even better moods.

And an alkaline diet isn’t difficult to achieve or maintain. It is simply a healthy diet where the intake of alkaline foods and drinks outweighs the intake of acidic foods and drinks. An alkaline diet typically involves less meat, and more healthy fruits and vegetables. It isn’t far off from what many people would consider their “ideal” healthy diet.


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