Is Your Diet Alkaline Or Acidic?


Q. Is it better for your health to be more alkaline than acidic?

A. The short answer is “yes”. Over-acidity and the problems associated with it plague our nation’s health. You’re better off if you can tip the scale towards alkalinity.

Q. Doesn’t the body balance pH on its own?

A. The body has several systems in place designed to balance the acidity/alkalinity of the body’s systems. Proper pH is extremely important for your health. If it is just a little off, you’ll die. So yes, the body does go to great lengths to balance pH on its own. However, there are a number of chronic and acute conditions associated with excess acidity. The body does an amazing job, but the high-acidity diet in the U.S. has definitely taken its toll.

Q. Can your diet really affect the acid/alkaline balance?

A. Yes. If you are experiencing symptoms associated with excess acidity (i.e. acid re-flux, ulcers, osteoporosis, etc.) then there is a good chance that the reason you’re experiencing those symptoms is at least in part due to your diet. If you need to confirm for yourself the effect diet can have, I highly encourage you to experiment by

testing an acidic versus alkaline diet for yourself.

Q. How can I know if my diet is alkaline or acidic?

A. If your diet is like the typical American diet, then it is definitely acidic. If you eat less meat and more veggies than most Americans, then you may already be on the right path. High acid diets are high in meats, dairy, certain nuts, and other offending foods. High alkalinity diets include a lot of veggies and fruits and other alkalizin

g foods. We’ve made a simple acid test worksheet that may be of use in determining where you stand.

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