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Below is a copy of a letter received by a Miami Holistic Health Examiner from a Brazilian woman she had told about the alkaline diet a few years back. Apparently at the time, the Brazilian woman was on her way home to care for her father who had been diagnosed with cancer. Here’s what the letter said:

“How are you doing? Today I got some great news and you are definitely the first person I wanted to share it with.

By December of last year, my father gave too much attention to what doctors said and definitely not much to all that I had been doing through the alkaline diet and blood cleansing regime. He pretty much accepted that he would only last a few months.

Through much prayer and a total miracle he met with a doctor from the United States, Dr. Jimmy Albuquerque, a blood specialist who treats his patients through the alkaline diet and herbal supplements for blood cleansing. He brought hope to my father again and my dad has been religiously following this diet. In January, my dad’s pH level was 4.5 and the doctor said he didn’t know how he was even able to walk, let alone, be alive!

Today, my father and I did a checkup exam together and we now both have the same pH level, 6.5! The doctor was so emotional when he saw the results that the hairs on his arm stood up! My dad is doing much better and the doctor affirms that with my dad continuing this treatment for the next year he will be not only cancer-free, but free of any other illness his body has.

My dad has been so inspired that he will now start studying bio-medicine in order to help people the same way that he has been helped and I am thinking of following the same path. He wanted me to thank you for sharing the knowledge that you had with me because, if it hadn’t been for you, we know he would not have lasted even one year and yet here he is, 2.5 years since we learned of the illness and of the alkaline diet.” {1}

The key to interpreting this letter and many other similar experiences with the alkaline diet is this: our bodies operate—for the most part—according to what we put into them and according to how we take care of them. If we put good and healthy foods in our bodies, we can expect good results. If we put unhealthy foods and chemicals in our bodies, chances are we will experience some negative symptoms as a result.

And one of the biggest problems, in my opinion, in terms of our diets and what we put in our bodies is the highly acidic eating habits that many of us cling to on a day-to-day basis. Too much acid can lead to all kinds of health problems, and balancing out the pH of the body has a lot of health benefits to offer. Again, it all comes down to what we put in our bodies.

The alkaline diet is one answer to the problem of poor and overly acidic diets that are common in today’s modern world. I believe it is the best answer. The diet is simple and easy to follow. The two basic rules are:

  1. Avoid acid-forming foods, and
  2. Increase your intake of alkaline forming foods.

That is really all there is to it. Unlike many diets, you don’t need to count calories or intake of certain nutrients. You just each less of one thing and more of something else. The alkaline diet is truly simple and easy to follow. If you are concerned about your health, you owe it to yourself to try it. You can try it, and just give it one simple test (a test that most diets don’t pass): After you have been on the diet 2 or 3 weeks, simply ask yourself, “Do I feel better?” The answer will almost certainly be yes. The alkaline diet will indeed pass the test!

{1} Source: digitaljournal.com

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  1. That’s quite an inspirational letter to read. I have realized this fact that when you’re under medicine for a particular disease, they do help in recovering from it, but at the same time, those medicines being made of chemicals, cause several other issues, one of which that I have observed is acid. So this article with the letter truly makes me believe that it is really important what we eat.

    I have just come to this excellent blog and reading through various posts, and slowly it is inspiring me to know more about alkaline diet. thank you.

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